Grace Jones’ fearless, iconic and trendsetting style is copied relentlessly by today’s most celebrated entertainers. Every element of her look from the androgyny, edge and in-your-face sex appeal has inspired a generation of celebrities. While they each incorporate the look in different ways, no one can do it like Grace.

Unforgettable in a headpiece, blazer and fishnet stockings, the dynamic actress, model, performance artist and singer performed in Hyde Park, London this weekend and reminded us all that there’s only one original.

See five contemporary stars that are clearly inspired by the incomparable Grace Jones:

Lady Gaga

Like Madonna before her (who Grace also inspired), Lady Gaga revels in pushing the envelope with her fashion and beauty looks with avante garde hairstyles, futuristic headpieces and otherworldly outfits. Grace Jones mastered that a long time ago—and was a natural at it.

Of Lady Gaga, Grace has said: “Visually or performance-wise, you can see she’s been inspired by stuff I’ve done. She can develop her own thing, but sometimes that takes time. She’s inspired by me, which is very flattering.”

Amber Rose

The “bald bombshell’s” androgynous look has been linked to Grace Jones so frequently that Rose recreated several iconic ‘Grace’ poses in Complex Magazine including Jones’ 1985 album cover for Island Life.


When Rihanna decided to shed her good girl image and go ‘dark,’ there was only one icon to emulate: Grace. From Rih’s haircut and ferocious glare in her Vogue Italia spread to her performance outfit that full-on copies Grace’s, the influence is clear.

Shingai Shoniwa

The lead singer of the Noisettes, Shingai Shoniwa is one of the few stars that channels Grace while developing and exhibiting her own unique sense of style. In flamboyant headpieces and futuristic fashions, Shoniwa makes the same kind of bold fashion statements that Grace is revered for.

The similarity is so apparent that Harper’s Bazaar tapped Shoniwa to evoke Grace Jones’ style for a tributary fashion spread. “For me, what stands out about Grace is the strength of her individuality, juxtaposed with her elegance. I love that,” Shoniwa said.


Though she’s every bit the traditional pop princess, when it’s time to transform into Sasha Fierce, Beyonce looks no further than Grace Jones for inspiration. Her bad-ass attitude and intense stare in editorials often channels Grace Jones with Bey’s Run The World (Girls) promo pic being the most explicit example.

What other stars are inspired by Grace Jones’ timeless style?

-Jessica C. Andrews

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