From Vibe Vixen — Once Destiny Child called it quits in 2006, rumors have grown steadily about a riff between the group’s two most noticeable singers, Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland. Some of Kelly’s biggest fans believe Beyoncé and her team consistently collude with major industry players in order to make sure Kelly never reaches the heights of superstardom they feel she deserves.

Even though Beyoncé and Kelly have never directly released an album in the same quarter, many have charged Beyoncé with overshadowing Kelly’s album press with her own media barrage. This year will mark the first time Kelly and Beyoncé will battle on the charts directly when Kelly releases her highly anticipated album, “Here I Am” on July 22nd.

Inflaming the speculation, Beyoncé’s recent satellite performance on the 2011 BET Awards from the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. Unfortunately, it looked like she was upstaging Kelly, who, according to most viewers, had the performance of the night.

The media loves feuds between popular artists because it fuels their engines. Still, the most tragic and infamous dispute between R&B band mates involved The Supremes’ Diana Ross and Florence Ballard, both of whom were immortalized in the Broadway musical and subsequent motion picture, “Dreamgirls,” which starred Beyoncé as a fictionalized Diana Ross. That was just one drama-filled saga that happened over 40 years ago and was so compelling, the mainstream media is still eating off of it.

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