Ok, so there’s really no reason to include Idris other than the fact that he’s FINE. I wonder what’s on his mind.

I was reading Demetria Lucas’ book, A Belle In Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life, when she mentioned that often times when she wants to get inside the minds of men she goes to the source. Lucas has a group of male friends she calls her “Male Mind Squad” and she asks the important questions that women really want to know.

Over the weekend I attended the Blogging While Brown conference and found myself in the company of several cool men. As our conversations flowed, many of the women and I began to ask these brothas for their perspective on things that women tend to obsess about: What do you really think about a woman who asks a man out? Do men think women are  hoes if they have sex on the first date? Why do men take extra long to return calls/text? What exactly do men want in women? What’s up with needed so much space?

Most of us don’t have access to a group of men willing to share their thoughts and opinions on the regular, so sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and do a little Googling.

Because y’all are my girls, Clutchettes, I’ve done the work for you and am sharing five websites that give us a peek (and sometimes a humorous one) inside the male mind.  Check it:

Single Black Male: SBM is a collective of seven Black men who write candidly about sex, relationships, marriage, and everything in between. What makes it work is that each of them has varying opinions, voices, and senses of humor. If you really want to know what men think (and talk about) when women aren’t around, check them out.

The Good Men Project: The Good Men Project is a multicultural blog that tackles sex and relationships from the male perspective. Their aim? To show and prove that there are still tons of good men out there, despite what we see on Maury. Known for their “enlightened” view of masculinity, the GMP is the perfect counter to the foolishness of most male mags.

Brothers With No Game: Little is sexier than a man with a British accent (peace to Idris Elba), and this blog boasts four of them. Add to that a wicked sense of humor, an astute insight into dating and relationships, and a willingness to share their innermost thoughts, and these brothers from across the pond definitely have game.

Very Smart Brothas: In short, VSB is very, very funny. Men who can make you laugh while dropping knowledge is a beautiful thing. Although some of the posts may not be for the faint of heart (they go in), every time I read VSB I’m giggling at just how funny each of the writers are and nodding my head at what they have to say (oh, and taking notes!).

Naked With Socks On: NWSO is takes aim at everything from relationships to entertainment, and erotica to technology. The brainchild of journalist Anslem Samuel, NWSO openly and honestly discusses the issues, while still leaving a little something to the imagination.


Ladies, do you have your own “Male Mind Squad” you turn to when you want to know what men really think? Do you read any of the sites or have other recommendations?

What do you really want to know from men?

Let’s talk about it, Clutchettes!  

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