You desperately want to make that new Balenciaga bag that you have been eyeing your own but your pockets couldn’t even front the price of the strap. So what do you do?

Think back to the first Sex and the City movie where Jennifer Hudson’s character flaunts her love for fashion through her continuous renting of new designer handbags and accessories. Instead of purchasing the high-end designs, she rented them because she could not afford to own the real thing.

When your economic situation is tight, you have to compromise certain luxuries and go without the things that fall outside of your price range. Instead of dishing out a part of your tuition for a pair of Louboutins, you might have to opt for a pair of $50.00 Dollhouse shoes inspired by the ones you really want. Makes sense, right?

For some, this compromise will not and cannot fulfill their inner fashion cravings. Not-to-mention flaunting a knock-off bag could cause major blows to your social standing, especially when surrounded by those who wouldn’t dare consider discount shopping. A woman wants to feel wealthy and expensive even when she is not. In an attempt to keep up with the Jones’, you can rent what they own. Is this option smart, better yet, is it economical?

How much does it cost to rent designer items? The answer of course depends on the designer and the product. Some designer bags can cost as much as $100.00 a month to rent. If you calculate the cost of renting designer items for a year, you can spend up to $1,200.00. In some cities, that’s more than a month’s worth of rent! That doesn’t sound very economical to me. You end up spending over $1000.00 to rent a bag, when you could have used that money to OWN something.

When trying to be economical and not splurge on frivolities and unnecessary items, is renting fashion contradictory? Is renting fashion dumb?

Let me know what you think!

-Chelsey Wilkins

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  • binks

    Dumb, sorry but that is throwing money down the hole when you could use it for something esle or put it towards something else. I understand people who love fashion but I’ am not trying to go broke keeping up with it.

  • Leanee

    Every once in a while, it makes sense, but renting a bag for 100 bucks every month does not make sense to me. I’ve seen plenty of bags for 100-150 dollars that I could own and sometimes actually buy. They are all good quality and I get compliments. I like cute quality, fashionable bags, and they don’t need to be what everyone else is carrying, either.

  • Celeste

    I wouldn’t rent, I think its a waste of cash. Unless maybe I had a special event coming up and absolutely wanted a certain piece for a one-time occasion.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of designer bags, I personally don’t want to carry something that everyone else has seen (or owns themselves). I’d rather get something from a boutique or pick up something unique when I”m traveling. $100-200 will fetch a nice purse, it may not have a label on it, but I’d rather have something totally different and I will get a lot of compliments for, rather than the bag everyone sees in the magazine.

  • I’m personally not a fan of renting. I’ve thought about it, but as mentioned the money you spend renting a luxury item could be used to own an equally nice item. Somebody must love the idea, because new sites are popping up every year.

  • My girl, Suze (Orman), says renting anything is stupid and a waste of money. Do what you want but renting a purse just isn’t my thing.