Word on the street is that this September, Kanye West, hip-hop’s most fashionable don, will unveil his clothing line at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

This isn’t the first time word of a Yeezy fashion line surfaced. Back in 2008, he began touting his forthcoming design house Pastelle, but later scrapped the idea before it could even go to production.

Kanye, who has successfully partnered with Nike and Louis Vuitton in the past, is said to be working with legendary knit-wear designer Louise Goldin on a womenswear collection that will debut at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Looks like Yeezy is for real this time.

Although some may write him off as inexperienced, if his creativity, experimentation and success in the music world is any indication, his fashion line will be bananas.

What do you think, would you rock a Kanye West original? 

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  • EmpressDivine

    Don’t wanna piss @ his pool party but I get the feeling that Kanye is going to want his clothes to be so impressive to the “fashion establishment” that most of the folks that buy his albums won’t be able to afford the clothes.

  • TimSoFamous

    Yes… I hope there are some gender-less pieces because whatever he createss will be phenomenal.