Keith Ellison, has steadily become one of the promising young members of Congress. And the Democratic representative from Minnesota may well gain himself more respect for his blunt calling it as he sees it- especially when it comes to GOP hopefull Herman Cain.

This week, Justin Elliot of Salon was able to corner Ellison in the midst of the budget negotiations, to ask him his thoughts on Cain’s anti-muslim remarks. Ellison, the nation’s first Muslim member of Congress and the only Muslim to join the Congressional Black Caucus made it plain. And while saying the words “attention whore” would have been unbecoming for a Congressman, Ellison basically called Cain out like Jennifer did Ocho.

It seems like a week doesn’t go by without Cain saying something incredibly offensive, so I can only guess that he’s doing it on purpose. He’s probably figured out that he can get headlines if he says something really ugly, so he doesn’t disappoint…He runs right into the First Amendment. But the larger question is, why is he trying distinguish himself as the religious bigot of the presidential race of 2011 and 2012?

Ellison said he feels moved to address these issues because when people “start whipping up hatred against a certain group over the course of years, bad things happen. History teaches us that if you continue to stir the pot, stir the cauldron, it will not be long before something awful happens.”

And for those who say Ellison has taken personal offense, he points out that we all should:

I’m actually not standing up on this issue simply because I happen to be a Muslim. This is an issue that I hope I would be as on the side of religious liberty no matter who it was targeted against. To me it’s just fundamentally disrespectful to the Constitution. It ignores our whole history of civil rights and inclusion in this country.


It’s good to see a better representation of a tolerant and wise brother. We only wish he got as much press time as bigot candidate Cain. Beyond his “firsts,” Ellison has made a name for himself in the House. Earlier this year, he showed great vulnerability and emotion speaking at Rep. Peter King’s ‘Muslim Radicalization’ hearings. He has also been a strong advocate of modernizing foreign assistance, supporting several initiatives to improve systems for international aid.

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