It’s always good to see celebs giving back and this week, several of our favorite big name stars are being recognized for their good deeds. In The Hollywood Reporter’s annual philanthropy issue, Kerry Washington, Usher and Questlove were featured for their work to promote the various causes they support.

Kerry Washington has made a name for herself in the philanthropic world as much as through her acting. Perhaps this is why along with Sex and The City’s Kristin Davis are referred to by the  Reporter referred to her as “‘It’ girls who crave more than writing checks.” The actress supports several causes including the arts and women empowerment. Currently as an advocate for V-day and serving on President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, Kerry frequently speaks on the Hill defending programming in schools to promote talent. In her interview, Kerry explained where her passion is derived from, saying:

“I grew up a latchkey kid in the Bronx, so the arts were like my third parent. I truly believe through the humanities we learn how to better understand each other and ourselves.”

While it’s no secret that Usher has been a long time supporter and spokesperson for the Boys and Girls Club, little is publicized about the work he does now. Through his New Look Foundation which he founded in 1999, collaborates with Emory University’s MBA program, former President Bill Clinton and media titan Ted Turner, Usher’s program has a 98 percent graduation rate.

Moved by the critically acclaimed documentary, “Waiting for Superman”, Questlove raised money for the Harlem Village Academies, a charter school with top graduation rates despite socio-economic challenges. Speaking to the Reporter, Quest said he benefitted from an arts program that kept him out of Philadelphia’s public schools. Describing that public school system as “season four of The Wire- only worse””, the Roots drummer believes

“Success starts from the top, and our school system needs a complete retooling.”

 Great to see these stars putting important causes in their limelight along with their continued success!

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