Recently, Kreayshawn, head mistress of the “White Girl Mob,” stopped by MTV to perform her single “Gucci, Gucci.” The Oakland-native has been the talk of the blogs, Twitter feeds, and YouTube commenters since her video went viral a few months ago.

Since popping up on the scene it seems like everyone has had an opinion about Kreayshawn. Many have wondered if she’ll be the first white female rapper to crossover to mainstream success, while others have blasted her attempts to appropriate “Black culture.” Love her or hate her, it seems like she’ll be around for a minute (but hopefully, not much longer?). 

While I watched her live performance, all I kept thinking was…where’s the Sandman when you need him? But hey, maybe it’s just me.

Check out Kreayshawn’s MTV performance. Love it, or leave it alone?

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  • I mean, completely objectively I can say I was not at all impressed by the performance or the lyrics, or her.

  • MissLady

    Well, apparently Clutch is a huge fan of Kreayshawn. This got to be the 3rd or 4th post they’ve had about her.

  • Mia

    WTF? It’s impossible to enjoy the performance when the b-word is bleeped out. I wish people would stop the BS, she never used the n-word. Her sister V-nasty, the whack rapper, uses it.

    I think she is just like most artists coming out today. She needs to work on performing live.

  • Whatever

    I find Nikki Minaj to be just as talentless, corny and annoying…. kreyshawn needs to go over to young money. Anything goes these days….