Instead of focusing on recovering from childbirth and on her newborn son, Lauryn Hill felt the need to respond to the growing criticism of her life, her family, and her complicated relationship with Rohan Marley.

The fact that she felt she needed to break her silence says more about our insatiable need to be privy to the lives of others than the actual details of her life.

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  • COCO

    Let her be. She has to deal with it and the father.However, all these sites comment on current events/celebs.Don’t get on them and comment at all if you deplore the treatment. Also, don’t pick and choose who is “safe” to comment about and who is not. Either you want to know about these people or you don’t.Let’s no play like you don’t read or comment on somehting pertaining to other people…let’s not….

  • So who is the baby daddy?

  • Kit

    I’m not concerned with who the daddy is and i know she has a duty to her children as a mother, but I’m a lot more interested in when she’s giving birth to a new album.

    • sli

      Now, that’s what I’m thinking. When is she going to drop that new album?

    • Alexandra

      Same here. I don’t blame her for setting the record, but I’m just waiting for a new album.

  • I really do not care who her baby daddy is.

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