Legendary NBA baller-turned-businessman Earvin “Magic” Johnson recently announced that he’ll be partnering with a local firm to invest millions of dollars in the city of Detroit.

Although Johnson is actually from Lansing, Michigan, he said he’s investing in Detroit because he believes in the city’s recovery.

“I am investing in Detroit Venture Partners and the City of Detroit because I want to have a positive impact on the biggest downtown in my home state. I believe strongly in the Detroit 2.0 movement and creating opportunities to help people get back to work,” Johnson said in a press conference.

During the press conference, Johnson became emotional and credited Detroit maybe, Dave Bing, as a major influence on his life.

“Mayor Bing I’m investing millions of dollars in this venture,” Johnson said during the news conference. “The promise that I made you, I’m making good on it right now.”

Dubbed “the Blackest city in America,” Detroit has suffered tremendously during our country’s economic downturn. With unemployment rates in Detroit hovering around 12%, many are hopeful that’s Johnson’s investment will bring much-needed jobs to the city and foster a recovery.

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  • Timcampi

    This is wonderful! I hope the can start with bringing back some schools, (especially the one for pregnant teens). Now Chris Rock or Queen Latifah just need to feel the same way about my hometown (Newark) and we’ll be good haha.

  • lola289

    Thats awesome! I mean Detroit is ripe w/ investment opportunities…
    So happy Magic is using his name and $$$ in helping the area :)

  • RE “Hometown Love”: Earvin is from Lansing, MI.

    This is awesome though. It’s good to see people investing in Detroit!!

  • Nikki

    It doesn’t have anything with Magic’s “love” for the city. He is an opportunist, much like most Americans, and he sees dirt cheap property to build and put his name and smiling face on large white corporations that will come in and give non living wage jobs to blacks and poor whites. He did it LA, Atlanta, and New York, already.

    Any person that would peddle Rent-A-Center, Burger King, and Starbucks clearly makes a statement the he a cold-blooded capitalist and could care less about people or the environment in which those beans and meat come from…*FAIL*

    • Mimi

      I have to agree with you Nikki. But I wont bash the dude if he can deliver.

      Yeah, I personally lost a little respect for Magic when I saw him doing a damn Rent-A-Center commercial. For the life of me, I’ve never understood how Rent-A-Center and places like it can stay in business. Oh, I know. They charge people $3,000 for a $1,000 tv and its all legal. People better get wise to the RAC hustle.