Carrying around an extra 40 plus pounds when pregnant can be daunting. While it is an indescribable, joyous occasion, many can admit that fitting into clothes or even feeling sexy can prove to be difficult. But rest assured, fashion while pregnant can be fun – flirty even. The baby market has grown leaps and bounds from oversized tees and sweats to fitted, trendy look-at-me-now ensembles.

Embrace the notion that you’re going to get bigger each month and stick with these tips on how to look stylish and fun while carrying your baby bump:

Stick With What You Like

Whatever you ultimately decide to wear must be comfortable and close to what you’d ordinarily wear sans baby bump. Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you need to veer too far from what you like.


Long necklaces and scarves can be fun accessories even while sporting a baby bump. Long necklaces appear to lengthen your silhouette and scarves work well if you’re trying to mask your bundle of joy until you’re ready to spill the beans. It also adds color and instantly polishes your look.

Keep It Simple

Prints and colors are fun, but be sure to stay away from super loud colors and fabrics that aren’t forgiving (think silk and satin).  If you’re over wearing black every day, try various shades of gray.

Show Off Your Belly

Embrace your new silhouette and show off your belly. It’s better to show than try to hide it with billowing tees and sweat shirts. Toss the frumpy clothes and invest in figure-forming pieces. Want to mask problem areas? Try a long-sleeve thin sweater.

Play Up Your Cleavage

Now that your breasts are more full, there’s no better time to play up your neckline and show a little bit of cleavage. Opt for a V-neck versus a scoop or round neck.

Be Good To Your Feet

If you’re worried about missing your heels or if you’ve never thought twice about wearing heels while pregnant, no need to. We recommend a cute wedge, it still gives you added height but is safe and stylish enough to wear.

What are some tips on being chic and stylish while pregnant?

-Krystal Franklin

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