One of the most common talking points in Washington throughout the budget debate has been the idea that the U.S. government should treat its finances the way “average American Households” do. While that logic works when the suits on the Hill think of the families that live in their neighborhoods and look like they do, Melissa Harris-Perry broke down the numbers on why the line makes a better talking point than policy.

Guest hosting for Rachel Maddow, Harris-Perry discussed the new report from the Pew Research Center, which showed the wealth gap between minorities, and Whites had reached its highest levels in decades. Pointing out that debt and the wealth divide have put minorities at a clear disadvantage, Harris-Perry broke into her Princeton professor ways and schooled Washington on their faulty rhetoric in putting the burden of this nations debt on working families not the wealthy and the huge multi-billion corporations.

“As people of color become a proportionally bigger part of the American population, our national coffers will rely on them even more. We cannot pay off the national debt if households cannot pay off their personal debt, and if they are in debt, then you can’t cut enough to ever make it possible to fix our government’s debt problems, and particularly not if you refuse to tax that one group whose wealth is still tick, tick, ticking up.”

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Amen for some sanity in the circus that can be cable news.

What do you think of Harris-Perry’s comments on the wealth divide and budget debate? Weigh in and tell us what you think Clutchettes and gents!

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  • Gigi Young

    This video was reaching…what does the debt ceiling and Republican arguments against more spending have to do with the wealth-gap between black and Hispanic households with white households? Never seen such pertinent information (and I’d still like to see her sources) couched between outrageous bias and useless rhetoric. Also, you cannot lump blacks with Hispanics–our Hispanic population has only exploded since the 1960s–and they are not all the same! Asian-Americans are a whole ‘nother beast because of discriminatory immigration policies and the fact that most Asians immigrated with skills and resources from their home countries to start businesses and/or influence their children to obtain higher education. And immigrants have an entirely different mindset than native-born Americans.

  • Alexandra

    The gap will only get wider if more Black people don’t start thinking smarter. As some comments mentioned above, Education, out-of-wedlock births, lack of financial education and many other factors. Save your money, spend it wisely and spend it where it’s wanted. As edub mentioned Black people have a lot of buying power than they think. Where is that money going? And why aren’t Blacks benefiting from what they’re spending on?
    As much as some people don’t want to hear it, children drain your money. It hurts harder when you don’t have a lot of money coming in, yet Black women have the highest birth rates in this country? I can’t believe this has reached a high record. We should be moving forward not backwards. Blacks need to start taking the initiative.

  • rs

    you guys have no idea how lucky you are to have journalism like this on mainstream new. Maybe one day on BBC24.