When it comes to the musical genius that is Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin, we hardly bat an eye or lift a brow when he’s spotted in a caricature of colors, prints and textures. Let’s be honest, no one does it quite like him with his tailored to perfection suits in bright, vibrant colors and his traditional wide-brimmed Fedora. Depending on the occasion he may opt for knee-high riding boots or a silk scarf. It’s no wonder he was invited to the MET gala by Anna Wintour herself.

Since the early days of Outkast, his unique style of dress was always noticeably different than that of his counterpart, Big Boi. Turbans, blonde wigs, dashikis, spandex pants and his signature mega-watt smile were only the beginning for the fashionable hip-hop superstar.

His love of textiles was the inspiration behind Benjamin Bixby, a collection of 1935 college football-themed menswear that included suspenders, bowties and the always classic Argyle print. Bixby’s mission was to embrace the sophisticated mantra of a true southern gentleman – all qualities that 3 Stacks actually exudes. His unapologetic and timeless style has allowed him has to take the crown as one of the best-dressed men in music and fashion.

Take a look below at some of Andre 3000’s most memorable moments in fashion below:

What do you think of Andre 3000’s style?

-Krystal Franklin

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