When Michael Vick was first exposed for participation in a dogfighting ring, he lost his endorsements faster than you can say “Nike.” Now four years later, Nike has announced that they are re-signing the football star saying: “Michael acknowledges his past mistakes. We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.” (Derek Kent, Nike).

If you remember, in addition to the negative media attention and public outrage Vick received for dog-fighting, he spent 21 months in jail for a related charge. Since his release, his career has been on the up-and-up. He had a remarkable season last year, he recently won the Subway Sportsman of the Year Award at the 2011 BET Awards and now, he can celebrate regaining his lucrative Nike endorsement.

It goes without saying that not everyone is happy for Vick’s redemption. Several were outraged about his award and Nike endorsement, maintaining he shouldn’t ever be able to regain his star athlete status following the 2007 dog-fighting ordeal.

What do you think? Was it a good idea for Nike to re-sign Michael Vick? Should clothing companies “forgive” celebrities for scandals such as this and allow them to represent the brand?


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  • Bree

    I don’t really care that Nike has forgiven him. It doesn’t affect my life and if he has redeemed himself, why not? People have been forgiven for far worse and got off a lot easier than he did.

  • Throttlechop

    I will never buy Nike again. A personal scandal is one thing- torturing animals is another. The sick nature of his crime should have evicted him from the role of inspirational figure for life. He’s paid his debt to society and therefore earned the right to walk free again- but he should never be hailed as any kind of role model again. Nike re-signing him is making the statement that he’s a cool guy- but cool guys don’t electrocute dogs for amusement. I call foul on Nike.

    • melinda

      Nike also has a history or treating the workers of color in developing countries pretty horribly. So their willingness to overlook Vick’s behavior in this instance shouldn’t really come as a shock.

  • omg

    he did his time…

  • I think it just shows that they really didn’t care about what he did in the first place. They dropped him because everyone was up in arms, and now that people have forgotten and Vick is doing well on the field they figured it was a good time to get him back.

  • yello

    @Throttle, Negative I say, some people boggle my mind. Everyone has a right to be forgiven and to be given the chance to live their lives once again. He served his time and was completely ridiculed, let the man live. I hope for your sake that you dont do something that displeases someone and expect forgiveness, I know then that you should not be forgiven for any little sin from God. Sin is sin and forgiveness is forgiveness and should be done so in totality, I am happy to see that he is making amends. Nike dont need your money boo, you are one in a million. #thatisall.