It’s rare to see a picture of Monica and Shannon Brown where the two aren’t glowing. The singer and Lakers star are in love and love to show it, as evidenced by their constant displays of affection.

Recently the happily married couple made an appearance on ABC’s “The Kitchen in Los Angeles” where they tried samples for their wedding menu. With the wedding coming up this Saturday, July 9th (they tied the knot last year in a small ceremony), the two said they were looking to find “a menu that works for everybody from Chicago to Atlanta.” And with over 300 guests expected to attend, Monica and Shannon had a lot of work to do.

The segment was adorable and also gave the two a chance to open up about their love. Speaking on how they met, Monica said their wedding now looks like fate given their first encounter:

“I go to work, and I have been for over 16 years and in the video [for “Love All Over Me”] we got married, and I didn’t expect that 6 months later we would do so in real life. That’s the way it worked out. That’s my first time ever seeing him, there [on the music video shoot].”

And with all the meal picking, the question had to be asked- what does Monica recommend picking on a first date with a potential “The One?”

“I had a steak. I had potatoes. I mean, there’s no safe way to me. When you start putting on facades, you mess it up instantly, so I say ‘be you.’ That’s the safe way.”

And that’s why we love her.

What is your go-to dish for your first date meal? Share with us here Clutchettes!

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