The do to list.

If you’re like me, its better title would be “The Ongoing List of Things Renewed Daily That Will Never Cease To Exist.” And yet, we need it to keep track of all the different duties and goals we have from day to day. For many of us, it’s crowded with tasks that are for others and some things we promised ourselves. But between enhancing other and self-development, there’s little time for relief.

Though my compulsive list making is now done through Evernote and in the note pad on my Blackberry, it stems much further back. My mother with her dry erase board markers and legal notepads seems to have passed on this trait along with glass sharp looking bright eyes and the ability to cry at whim. Looking back her dry erase boards had whole areas that stayed on so long the imprint was there even after we washed them. The outline of “DMV: get registration for the cars” still searing through as if it was holding its place for the go round of another year.

I guess I should’ve known from my mother’s ongoing lists that nothing would come simple in my life. But my thinking was that when I was old enough to line up for an adult life of my own, that I’d streamline mine so that my to-dos got done.

Whenever reality hits me that this will never truly be the case, I think about what my mother always said, “So much to do but grateful there’s something to get done.”

The author, Audre Lorde put my mother’s wisdom in another way. She writes:

“Some women wait for themselves around the next corner and call the empty spot peace but the opposite of living is only not living and the stars do not care.”

That list you’re compiling, the truth is, it may be a bottomless endeavor. But the truth is, every task on it, every line is a testament to a full and rich life. Sure it may be busy, but around every corner is fulfillment. And I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Today, remember even in the hectic moments, that every task, hard or not, is a gift.  Prepare for blessings around each corner and use each moment to thank the world for giving you this space.

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