Do you know when to say it? And no, I don’t mean as a Weezy type reference where you say it to a person. I mean when you say the words “Get Off Me” to thought in your head that is keeping you from who you should be.

As much as it’s glorified, shaking a hater isn’t really hard work. Step One: Ignore them. Step Two: Continue doing so.

People who bring negativity into your life are ultimately easy to get rid of. Whether it’s someone you see once a day or the number listed in your phone that makes your pupils dilate, besides stalkers and credit hounds- people are avoidable should you choose.

Speaking to a spirit though- that is much harder. And we all know what it is to be plagued by them. Whether it is a spirit of doubt or even a spirit of anger, we all know what it is like to have the thing we fear the most in the back of our minds riding on the back of our garments.

For many of us, these spirits whisper from the back of our neck and send false thoughts into our ears. They tell us the worst possible scenario, the worst outcome and just overall the worse that could possibly happen. So the best way to tell those defeatist thoughts to get off you?

Work everyday to prove the best of your thoughts right and in doing so you’ll begin the process of eradicating the worst of them. Slowly, but surely you’ll strip away the negative thoughts covering your back and replace them with shimmering threads of hope. By taking small steps to the extraordinary, you’ll keep negative thoughts from becoming ordinary to you.

Today, remember mediocre goals are not worth setting. Shake the defeatist thoughts off you by doing what you were created to do: grow and prosper.

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