The grass is always greener…

We’ve all heard the saying and we all know that no matter what, it always leaves the person feeling the same way: unfulfilled. From where they stand the world outside of their bounds looks close to perfection. Those well-manicured lawns, those well-manicured lives, it all seems just great.

Sure, the proverbial line here would be something along the lines of “their lives aren’t all that great” or maybe even an ominous “things aren’t always what they seem.” But here’s the thing- sometimes those lives we stare at longingly are all they seem. So what then? What happens when it seems everyone else’s lawn looks like where you’d rather lie?

For most of us, the question is the one we hate addressing. Maybe because it reeks of something foul, maybe because it brings out or competitive nature but mainly because it tests our faith. Because underneath it all the only way to be sure our struggling lawns will one day be plush and green is to have complete faith that there is a timing and cycle for our lives. This is fairly easy to have when you are seeing signs of progress. But what about when you are going through a dry spell? How do you have relentless faith in the middle of a drought?

I wish I could give you some magical touchstone or some memento like prescription, but the truth is the best way to see things come to pass is to keep your head down and get to work. Sure it may not provide you with the reassurance you’re looking for right now, but it will allow you to delve deeper into who you are and sow the seeds for your future.

I’ve realized that my blessings have a cycle. It’s a schedule, but unfortunately not one I can predict. Usually though, my breakthroughs come when I am almost tired of holding on and then in a blink the transformation I couldn’t even have thought to pray for becomes something that fits seamlessly into my life. When I look at how far I’ve come something in me gets excited. Just think: it’s only been so far in your journey and if you’ve come this far, what’s ahead is above unimaginable.

Today, take your eyes away from the well-manicured lawns and choose to focus on sowing your seed. In due time and with more work, you’ll soon get a harvest all your own.

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