Sitting in her office, I was convinced I was in the presence of a woman who had walked without fainting. Orchids blooming in the direction of a crowded city street. And one with four lanes and littered with yellow cabs at that. She’d made it. A sister in a corporate corner office despite all odds and yet, from my vantage point it seemed inevitable all along.

During the better part of the next hour, she explained to me how she had gotten to the top. Ivy league from a community school. Law firm to exec in the ranks. And how all the while she had done exactly what I was doing: worrying.

This, the worrying, tied my experience to hers. Besides grooming orchids, it was something we’d both done well. For her, the worry plagued her during her twenties and into her early thirties with work, men and family expectations. Exacerbated by heartbreak and career diversions, the worry was stopped only through a realization from the mouth of a friend. The girl friend who told her that she had come so far, done so much and should be proud, was the first time she fully processed how far she had come. And with a straight face she said to me calmly, “It shouldn’t take someone else.”

I knew she was right but from the smile she gave, I knew she could guess my worries weren’t coming to any foreseeable end. I am still on the up climb of my worry journey. In the back corner of my mind, there is a part of me that says, “You know it will work itself out” but in al the space in front of that are swirling thoughts that ask more questions than the world has answers for. But she’s right, it shouldn’t take someone else for me to find peace with myself. And it won’t ever hit me how far I’ve come until there is a minute to take it in.

Even though you may not have a weekend to regroup or ever find that quiet night to collect your thoughts, you can find a minute to check in with yourself and be sure that things are alright. Sometimes that minute is all you need to get those thoughts to quiet down. At least for a little while.

Today, take a minute to put your place in perspective. Think to a time where the worry will be gone and carry that peace inside yourself.

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