A few weeks ago, the girls pulled a phone conference. Back in our dorm rooms we would have just found our way on to someone’s couch, but now in different cities and different points in life, we had to do a good old three way call.

There was the laughter, the catching up, the running through the new jobs, new relationships part of the conversation and then there was the reminiscing. We reminisced on those days when we were all together- watching the finals when we knew full well we had finals and thesis projects that we needed to do. We talked about splitting tiny cabs in tiny dresses and riding shotgun with the driver who didn’t like that we turned the radio on but tolerated our adventures through each of D.C.’s city zones.

And a collective sigh.

Getting off that call, I sat on my couch thinking the same thing we all were

“Joni Mitchell never lied…”

Those days, even though they had more hiccups that we choose to remember, were some good ones. And yet, in the moment, they seemed nothing more than just ordinary days. Looking back, they were part of a great period of our lives. They were part of a phase that we never fully appreciated until it was behind us.

Sometimes I wonder, if I am not guilty of doing the same thing with the life I have now. So much is changing, so much of me has grown and yet in the moment, it doesn’t feel like something momentous is happening. But it didn’t feel like a change was upon me squished in the back of a cab or while typing the summary of my college learning with tired eyes.

Truthfully, reminiscing can be tempting but it shouldn’t keep you from assessing the season you are in. For all its new trials, it is still the foundation for fond memories to come.

Today, take in the life you have now for all it has to offer. Soak in every bit, the joy and the pain, because someday you’ll want that old thing back.

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