“Leslie-Ann, just stop asking.”

This was the agitated response from the front seat of the minivan as I probed to know how far we’d reached. The road trip to Savannah always felt like it got longer with each trip and despite my parents advice, I’d still pop out from under my Care Bears comforter every 45 minutes or so to ask, “How far have we reached now?”

Looking back, I’m lucky my father didn’t “accidentally” leave me at with one of the red-haired waitresses at the Waffle Houses along I-95.

Though I’ve come along way since ninties road trips and cartoon sheet sets, at times I still find myself asking the same question.  In the midst of putting on power stilettos, reading through career manuals and riding the elevator up to a top floor, it still nags me.  It seems it is an eternal question: How far have I reached?

Without a map filled with federal highways and state lines, life can at times seem untraceable. And sure I’ve gotten the GPS that comes with age but many paths still feel like a winding road. I know I’m not alone in this. Yesterday, one of our readers commented that she felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere. I mean sure we’re always moving but its so much harder to know when its time to look up at the mall sign and say, “I am here.”

Days of doubt come- but we have to fight to remember that they go too. Becoming discouraged isn’t a sin, but making permanent choices in a temporary state is. Choosing to forever give up on your chances, deciding it’s no longer worth holding on- making those decisions when we are going through a dark place can only prolong your season there.

One of my favorite passages from Jhumpa Lahiri (there are many) is from her novel, The Namesake. She discusses how important it is to recognize the significance even of our trials, writing:

“They were things for which it was impossible to prepare but which one spent a lifetime looking back at, trying to accept, interpret, comprehend. Things that should never have happened, that seemed out of place and wrong, these were what prevailed, what endured, in the end.”

Whether you know it or not, for every inch, every fast flying white dash along the road, you are getting closer and closer to your time. Though the minutes may seem endless and the days eternally, long- with your head high and eyes open you will see yourself getting closer to your goal.

Today, choose to see each moment in the larger context of your calling. Have faith and know that it will all add up.

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