For a billionaire mogul, Oprah sure does have a humble office space. The new official CEO of OWN took to Twitter yesterday and shared the inside of her workstation with the world. And while I would have imagined something comparable to her lush golden HARPO office, it seems Ms. Winfrey is keeping the new look start up chic.

While Oprah was getting started over at OWN, her website seems to have taken a huge hit since she signed off the air. The Herald Sun reports:

Oprah.com, which Winfrey gave to Discovery Communications as her half of their partnership in starting OWN, was down almost 50 percent in site visits last month, according to siteanalytics.compete.com.
That reflects the period following Winfrey’s departure from broadcast TV after the May 25 finale of Oprah – which apparently is no longer driving the show’s millions of viewers to Winfrey’s website.

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