From Vibe Vixen — The most successful celebrities embody perfection and fantasy as if it’s a tangible reality. Between expensive wardrobes and daily appearances, popular celebrities advertise flawlessness as accessible for the hardworking average human. How many celebrity fashion spreads hang on the walls of young girls and women across the world? Undeniably, we try to “dress for less” or apply the same beauty techniques, mimicking our favorite celebrity style icons. But there’s one thing that the mainstream fails to acknowledge when promoting the beauty of popular female celebrities. The majority had “work done” and plastic surgery remains a well promoted industry standard.

There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery or trading “god-given” for “man-made.” As high-priced weaves, relaxers, and make-up reign supreme, it’s no surprise that those, who can afford it, would have their bodies shaped and sculpted. It’s questionable if a black female artist could even reach mainstream success without the above beauty sacrifices. Broad noses, Afros, less than perky breasts, A-cups, and non-figure 8 stomachs are not welcome in this industry. The Lauryn Hills, Erykah Badus, and India Aries are only one in a few.

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