Some stories make you want to step back into time and visit better days or to travel to fantasy worlds unknown. Others allow a contemplative look back at darker times in history. Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, which tells the story of a unique friendship between a White woman and the Black maids of her community (revisiting the helpful White/downtrodden-yet-magical Blacks dynamic for the millionth time) would seem to be the latter.

Not according to the Home Shopping Network, which is planning to do a special presentation celebrating the film with products that are inspired by the 1960’s Mississippi women of the film. Oh.

Does this seem like the sort of period piece that should yield such promotion? Yes, some of the clothes were fab, but something about this campaign feels wrong. Like these are supposed to be the “good old days.” These were bad, bad old days. And side-freaking-eye to Carol’s Daughter, which is going to be unveiling some sort of product line themed after the film. What theeeeee heck? As my girl @DCdistrictDiva said on Facebook, will there be a “Black As The Cockroach In The Corner” hairdye? All money ain’t good money, folks.

Excuse me, but everything about ‘the Help’ hype is rubbing me the wrong way. White women are just a little bit too amped to look back to these days gone by. Perhaps when Tarantino’s Django Unchained drops, HSN can hook us up with some commemorative chains and tattered shirts.

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