I was having a conversation with one of my boys when we were talking about whether or not “ugly” women had a harder time attracting men. While neither one of us could define what constituted an “ugly” woman (beauty IS subjective after all), we agreed that men tend to be more visual when pursuing a woman, especially initially.

Sure, we may all be attracted to someone based on how they look at first, but in my observation, men tend to rule out women based on how they look, while women—well we’ll work with a less conventionally attractive dude who makes us laugh. I mean, every man can’t be Idris, right?

Is this just a numbers game? Do women “settle” for men who are not as physically attractive as we’d like because the available pool of men is competitive? Or are we just able to judge a man on the basis of his character rather than how he looks?

What say you Clutchettes and Gents….do “ugly” men get a pass from women?

Let’s talk about it!   

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