A funny thing happened when I was down in New Orleans. Aside from witnessing a terrible case of violent street harassment, the trip wasn’t all bad. Actually, It was quite fun. While I was down there, however, something happened that sounded like it was ripped straight from a movie.

After a day of hanging out with some friends in New Orleans on the Fourth of July, they dropped me back at my hotel. As I hurried to get the elevator, a cute brotha also got on. Immediately he began hitting on me and, for whatever reason, asked if I’d like to see him strip. Interesting.

As I mulled it over in my mind (he was cute, y’all). His floor came up. Instead of getting off the elevator, he continued to ride up with me, again asking if I wanted to sneak a peak.

Me being the person that I am (I like to cause a slight bit of trouble), I smiled and told him he wasn’t going to strip. Wrong.

This man—whose name turned out to be Chris from Baltimore—began taking his clothes off…pants first.

I was shocked, amused, and by this time, a little worried. I’m no dummy, and could see how this situation could easily go from fun and games to something sinister in the blink of an eye, so I made sure to stand close to the opening door.

As I got off the elevator, Chris followed and continued his strip tease in the hallway, asking if I wanted him to continue inside my room. Although he was a cutie, I didn’t know ol’ boy from Adam, so I thought it best to send him back down the hall.

Before he left, however, he wondered why I was turning him down. He asked me to rate his…umm…assets…on a scale from one to ten. Was it big enough? Too small? How did he measure up to other men?

I laughed aloud, not because he didn’t measure up (he did!), but because it reminded me that men, like women, can be very insecure, especially when it comes to their manhood and masculinity.


So Clutchettes…does size REALLY matter? Have you ever come across a man who just didn’t “measure up” in your eyes? How did you handle it?

And Gents…are all men concerned with how they rate? 

Let’s talk about it! 

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