San Francisco is considering groundbreaking legislation that would require landlords and employers to delve deeper into an applicant’s criminal history before ruling them out.

The idea stemmed from The City’s Reentry Council, a board that includes members from the Mayor’s Office, Police and Sheriff’s departments, District Attorney and Public Defender’s offices, the Adult and Juvenile Probation departments, and a host of other law enforcement and social services agencies. The council unanimously recommended that the legislation be enacted to aid those convicted of a crime successfully reenter their communities.

Many experts agree that not being able to find a job or a place to live once released from prison greatly increases a person’s chance of reoffending, so many in the city are hoping this law is passed.

Under the proposed law, landlords and employers would still be able to conduct background checks of potential employees or residents, but not up front. They would only be able to run a background check once its determined that the applicant is a possible match for the job or apartment. Officials hope that this change will give convicted felons a greater chance at obtaining a job by allowing employers to get to know them first before finding out about their past.

Although the city of San Francisco has employed a hiring similar policy to fill city positions for the last five years, many small business owners and landlords are nervous about the possible change.

What do you think Clutchettes and Gents? Should employers and landlords be forced to wait to run a background check on applicants until after they are seriously considering them?

Let’s talk about it!

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  • memphiskatiej

    @justsaying…. is clearly an idiot. This person basically wants to be robbed by some fed-up ex-con that can’t get a job or housing. Yes, I said you want to be robbed…because you are on here apologetically advocating for these people to not be able to support themselves. And if they can’t do that, then what other options do they have? So basically punishing a person for life makes sense because “they knew” what was coming to them??? Please! Get the **** outta here with that BS. God forbid that you or anyone you love ever has to go through what felons go through. This issue effects the black community more than any other and its people like that are so Damn self- righteous that ate a hindrance and not a help… at all! I know, according to your logic felons and ppl with convictions did the crime and so they deserve to suffer. However, basic human compassion should help u understand that everyone deserves a second chance, not just the rich or powerful. If you hold onto that thinking, then you will deserve whats coming to you when some ex-con breaks into your car or house. You and everyone else that thinks like you.

    • JustSaying…

      If they end up back in prison so what? In order to support our prison industrial complex (which means jobs for members of the community) someone has to be in a cell.

      This whole,”Oh they will rob you if they don’t have jobs” argument is BULL and it goes to show there is no such thing as rehabilitation. When they come I will be waiting for them with a double barreled shot gun. Only good criminal is a dead one.

      What compassion did these felons have for greater society? NONE. Again…miss me with this ish.

  • memphiskatiej

    Sorry for the errors… auto correct on cell phones can be awful. I meant unapologetic.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Can’t agree with this. What if convicted sex offenders apply for jobs in schools or look for apartments in family friendly neighborhoods? The employer and landlord should be able to find this out. And a financial institution should find out if they’ve employed a grand larceny embezzler….

    Now maybe they should limit it to those who committed misdemeanors or non-violent felonies, but not for all ex-cons.

    • cupcakes and shiraz

      I’d even support an employment program catered towards ex cons, that trains them in a vocation and arranges them stable work with decent pay and benefits. But doing away with background checks isn’t the answer.

  • I agree with convicted felon.And I’m a woman with no criminal history at all.But that doesnt mean that noone can make a mistake.The way I look at it too they werent doing all these background checks until about 15 years ago maybe less.And things were just fine ,businesses were up and running .I dont care what the crime was other than murder or sex crimes.Even robbery shouldnt be punished forever.Especially with the huge drug issue in America.Alot of these crimes if not all were cause of drugs it wasnt the actual person.And no I do not do drugs not even pot and never have thank God.Most people feel the way I do.Even police officers.Most people feel ‘Let them work’.Oh and live where they want .