A lot has been said about the Casey Anthony verdict. Most people have commented that she got away with muder, while others wondered how the verdict may have been different if she were Black.

As the verdicts came down, my Twitter timeline blew up. Most people wondered how—despite everything we’ve heard in the media—she got off. They likened the Anthony verdict to the O.J. Simpson case, and vowed that Casey would “get hers” in the end (you see what happened to O.J. right?).

A curious thing happened as the verdicts were announced, however. Many in my timeline wondered how the verdict would have been different if Casey Anthony were Black. Some said race had little to do with it, while others argued that if Casey Anthony were Black she’d be “under the jail.”

But how about you Clutchettes and Gents…do you think the Casey Anthony verdict would have been different if she were Black?

Let’s talk about it! 

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  • KeeKee

    “Would Casey Anthony Verdict Be Different If she Were Black?”

    YES! First off, no one would care enough to put it in the media. Nancy Grace probably would’ve said a few words for a while and that’s it. The she would jump on another white case. You know black females and children dont get ANY media attention the way white women & children get.

    I’m sorry for the lost of that little girl and tote mom for getting away with murder but lets keep it real. I saw black folks all on tv supporting this holding up signs front n’ center. So I’m like where in the blue hell are the signs and support for sooooooo many black children who have been murdered, raped, and their little bodies tossed away like a bag of trash? I know these are innocent children regardless of color, but what about our BLACK CHILDREN??!! People need to treat all cases like these equal dammit!

  • geek chik

    i just don’t understand how she got off!
    all of those lies, the stoic emotionless face, and let’s not forget how she worked those tears! in less than one week she will be released, i can’t wait to see the Casey supporters and the non supporters.

  • oknow

    of course the verdict would’ve been different.. many races think blacks are the scum of the earth as it is and if they can put them in bars whenever possible than that’s what they will do.. now so far i haven’t heard about the races of the jurors but i don’t think it matters..

    if she killed her child our father will deal w/her accordingly.. he has a plan..

  • Pilsner M

    In my view, i think it would up her chance of being acquitted because of the sensitivity of the case as a result of the outside world watching… ( and this is just my maybe ignorant opinion, i dont think a black mother would do that) its too absurd

  • hbworking

    There wouldn’tt have been media exposure to the degree as the Casey Anthony trial…But if there was a media involvement,it would have been for a hot moment,then the verdict…and off to prison she goes..