We’ve all been there. You spot a cutie by the bar, or in the park, or in the cereal asle of our local grocery store. You send over your best, “come and talk to me” smile, hoping they’d pick up on the hint. Sometimes it works. You make the right eye-contact, flash your pearly whites, and baby boy (or girl) comes on over to strike up a conversation. But most times, your signals go unnoticed and you end up wondering, briefly, what could have been.

For many women, we’ve been taught/raised that we should wait for a potential suitor to come to us. Although we dangle the bait, making the first move is still a little taboo for some. But with so many of us still single and looking, seems to me that we should reevaluate our tactics.

Recently, I came across matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson’s “Ultimate Summer Dating Challenge.” In it, he asks that women step outside of their comfort zones and ask and go out on at least 10 dates this month. That means striking up a convo, getting the digits, and asking out 10 men or women. 10!

When I first saw the challenge, I thought, “Oh hell nah.” I’m ok with meeting and talking to one or two brothas while I’m out, and possibly exchanging contact information, but 10? Not so much. However, when I started to think about it, dating is about the numbers. The more people you meet, the more your raise the likelihood that you’ll connect with someone you actually like.

So while I won’t necessarily be trying to meet the task of asking out 10 guys this month, Brunson’s challenge serves as a reminder that if I want to meet “the one,” I might have to go out and find him myself.

What about you Clutchettes…have you ever asked a man (or a woman) out on a date? Would you?

And Gents, how do you feel about women who make the first move?

Let’s talk about it!



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