We’d all like to think we judge a man (or a woman) for the content of their character and not by the way they look, but let’s face it, when we’re out and about and haven’t had the opportunity to chat up a potential boo, the first thing we notice is how they look.

Many women have obscene height requirements. Even if they barely reach five feet, they want a man who is six-foot-two, no exceptions.

But why? Why are we so hung up on height?

The other day I was out and about with a male friend when he asked if I would date a shorter man. His question was prompted by the couple walking ahead of us, both young, brown, cute, and all over each other. The only catch? The woman was a good two or three inches taller than her man. She didn’t seem to mind, so why should I…but would I date a shorter man? Good question.

For me it gets a bit tricky. I’ll admit, I used to be one of the unreasonable “I-want-a-man-who’s-at-least-six-four” ones. But although I’m tall (5”9’), I don’t need a man with THAT much extra height (Would be nice though. #justsaying). Plus, the dating pool is already small enough without limiting it further to JUST men who can pass for basktball players, so why not date…down?

While I’ve adjusted my height requirements over the years, I still feel a bit apprehensive about dating a shorter man. But…it’s not off the table.

How about you, Clutchettes? Would you date a shorter man? And Gents…have you dated taller women?

Do share! 

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