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Dear Ms. Danielle,

My girls and I are in our twenties and we are in the market to find the “right one”. We are Muslim girls whose parents were born in Africa. I love African culture and would like to find someone who can relate to it as well. The big issue is that I have this deep rooted fear of dating people who are not citizens of the United States. How would I know that they are dating me for me and not merely trying to capitalize on the fact that if they stick it out with me until marriage they can obtain citizenship for themselves? I would love to hear the opinions of other clutchettes on this matter.

So what do you think Clutchettes and Gents, would you date/marry a foreigner? 

Let’s talk about it! 


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  • Alexandra

    Not really a fan of this question. And I know this question would be a hotter topic if the question was flipped. But yes I would marry a foreigner or Non-American, most of guys I liked or dated were foreign and I prefer it that way.

  • I dated an American guy (I’m from the Caribbean). It was annoying. Everything centered around me wanting to use him for a green card. While I was focused on me and him, he would try to put me through tests,etc. America isn’t that awesome; it’s okay but it’s not heaven.

    Based on that experience I wouldn’t want to date an American again. Further, while I love learning about other cultures and would love to merge two cultures from my experience I’m starting to lean to being with someone from home. That whole fairytale that women have of ‘oh it’s going to be so exotic and sexy everyday’ isn’t in my head.

  • I am currently dating a foreigner who I have been friends with for 5 years. I would think that if he wanted citizenship then he would have asked me in all that time, instead of waiting so long. When we originally met, he expressed an interest in me and I turned him down. I had alot of stability issues going on and I had my own cultural phobias. So we stayed friends. His family is very kind to me and calls just to check on me. I will be flying out to meet his brother and brother’s wife shortly. The fact that he is from a different country is appealing to me. His accent, cultural values and sense of family values not to mention his religious conviction. When we get married it will be the furthest thought from my mind that he’s using me for citizenship.