My Facebook friends list is  long: there’s about 2,200 people on my personal page. Yeah, I don’t know why either. It’s a diverse group as well: former classmates from elementary school through college, ex-colleagues, fellow writers, readers (I prefer to have readers that I don’t know on my fan page, but people manage to find my private joint anyway and I feel like a jerk declining the request, unless it’s a creepy dude), a lot of sorority sisters (including many older ones), dudes I used to kick it with, editors I work under, a few cousins, some of my former students…and these are not people that I would ever want to have in the same space.

My sister left a terribly embarrassing comment regarding family business on a link to an article I had written. A kind hearted girl I knew growing up was ripped by a writer with a notoriously sharp tongue (worse than mine!) under one of my statuses. More than a few times, I’ve had people who I’ve only connected with online get a little too familiar and disrespect a real-life friend. A  jump-off posted something on my wall that made me wonder if I was hooking up with a semi-illiterate. One of my best homeboys had a misunderstanding with one of my mother’s friends. And I am routinely trying to politely remind all of these people to stop leaving lengthy comments about my work on Facebook and to please post their thoughts on the actual article.

It’s too wide. It won’t fit.

Facebook has been a great tool to keep me connected to many, many folks. I just didn’t think about the ramifications of them connecting with one another. Getting that “Who is so-and-so and why is she talking to me all crazy?” email is never fun. I can’t even imagine the shenanigans that would occur if I added my parents…le sigh.

What about you, Clutchettes? Any awkwardness pop off on your Facebook page due to the intersection of the different corners of your life? Am I alone here?

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  • This is why I only go on FB to look at pictures and I try to limit the number of people I add as friends on there as well. I used to love it when I first went to college, but now that the whole world can join, it’s entirely too much.

    • chanela

      so true about “the whole world” its so annoying seeing all of my mom’s friends and cousins trying to add me on facebook and i feel bad not adding them cause if i DO then they’ll be mad and offended at the stuff i say. i dont curse up a storm or anything but inside jokes,and frustration rants might get them (old people) to get mad and call my mother and tell her what i wrote on facebook (even though im a freakin adult!) i hate how now i cant really express myself cause i’m constantly worried about who can see it.

      there are wayy too many people to block so i just made a new page for only my friends

  • Ky G

    Main reason why I don’t have and never started a FB page. All of my friends AND family are not on the same wavelength nor did God intend them to be *lol*

  • Friend lists in facebook tried to have the separation that you’re looking for and failed. Google+ Circles does this beautifully and easily!

    Get on that hunt for the invite!

  • Tee

    Oh my goodness YES! My parents aren’t married… and haven’t met all sides of the family.. so it’s mommys side vs. daddy’s side almost… Like “who are they and where have THEY been all your life” kind of drama… no bueno.