My mom is an awesome mom. She is sweet and kind and funny and brilliant. There are worse people that one could morph into, such as Shahrazad Ali (I will never stop hating you, Shazzy) or whatever person Sammy Sosa’s new face should be called. But that doesn’t make it much easier to cope with.

I was most recently reminded of this as I screamed out my boyfriend’s name (not in the fun way). It was in the very same key of “You need to wash these dishes” that Mommy would use to summon me.

“You have to find a new way to say my name,” he replied.

I often look at The Beau and my friends with that same critical eye that my mom used to examine me: Are you dressed warm enough? Where’s your umbrella? Are we sure that outfit matches? Did you eat anything today?

I can’t help it. I just need them to be okay. And warm. And fed. That’s normal, right?

My mother’s logic and reason is seeping into my internal dialog more and more each day. I suppose she programmed me well. Whoever sold her that Jedi mind trick she bought to do that  is owed a letter of gratitude.

If I have gone this far now, what’s going to happen when I’m actually a mother myself? Someone please tell Future Baby Milah that I apologize in advance for sending her to school in two pairs of tights, but that I just don’t want her to be cold, okay?

Dear readers, have you seen your parents’ behavior seep into your daily life? How so? And how are you coping? Speak!

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  • gigi

    2 pairs of tights is a winter tip i still use today. Our moms knew whats up.

  • I noticed I’ve morphed into my mother a long time ago lol. From the way she nags ppl about eating right, sleeping, and dressing weather/occasion-appropriate to the way she gets all flustered over the smallest mishaps. She is also very particular about how she wants things done or organized and gets upset when ppl don’t adhere to her unknown way of doing things. All of these habits/mannerisms I have adopted unwillingly lol.

    But my mom is awesome and liked by many so I guess it’s not so bad.

    Nice piece.

  • ha ha, you scared me for a moment, thought you were prego. Please don’t send the baby with two pair of tights!!! LOL

  • binks

    Yes, I am. Growing up my mom and I was polar opposites she was bold, say what she wants and if you don’t like it oh well type while I was the reserve, quiet and held my tongue. Now I’ am starting to get her mannerism when it comes to my mouth and telling it like it is without all the sugarcoating or keeping quiet when I really want to say something. So in a way I’ am glad I’ am turning into my mommy it is so liberating…lol

  • Just accept it. I no longer fight it because it’s useless. However, I do try to make sure I take the best of her and work on what I think is the worst of her in myself. Trust me, just accept it.

    Especially as I continue my journey into womanhood and see my mother as a person and just Mommy and gain the wisdom to value her and her experiences and know that she is looking for the best for me. (sorry for the run on sentence lol)