VH1’s first scripted show, “Single Ladies,” was recently renewed for a second season. The show—starring Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, and Charity Shea—follows three women as they deal with falling in and out of love, maintaining their friendship, and building their careers in Atlanta.

Despite complaints about the script and the stars’ acting skills, “Single Ladies” has been a hit for VH1, pulling in nearly 3 million viewers each week. Coupled with “Basketball Wives,” VH1 has become one of the most popular networks for women.

The show’s creator and producer Queen Latifah is also excited about another season of “Single Ladies,” she said:

“My partner Shakim and I are so excited that ‘Single Ladies’ has been received so well. We knew from the beginning this show was going to appeal to people everywhere; it’s funny, sexy and smart. We are so happy that we were able to join with VH1 to find such a great home for this incredible show.”

The second season of “Single Ladies” is set to begin filming later this year. Catch the season one finale on August 8 at 9 p.m.


Do you watch “Single Ladies”? Are you excited for season two?

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  • darrius

    Yes I’m am excited that single ladies got picked up for another season.I’m watching the season finale now n can’t wait to c where the story lines r going.

  • april

    I am so sick and tired of black people criticizing each other. Why is it that we can’t find something positive in what we do, but find constant fault. It’s always something, will we ever break from the mental bondage that plagues us. It pisses me off and magnifies our constant need to fit in a society that sees us as undesirable. So just stop the self loathing and find something positive to say about your race. Yes I know it may be extremely difficult for some of you closet self deprecating clueless people. So start by saying something nice about yourself. Surely you can muster up something…anything…

  • EnoughAlrelady51

    I can’t WAIT for the second season of “Singles Ladies!” Thank you for such a wonderful and diverse cast on sooooooooooooo many levels. If you only knew how TIRED us viewers are with one-sided shows that don’t reflect the REAL world, and exclude people who they deem not noteworthy!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! “Sex and the City” was a good show, but it lacked diversity in physical representation, but LOVED to use OUR music!!!!! Shame, shame, shame on any show that is on the airwaves these days that can’t appreciate what the world is!!!!