We all know designer runways and top fashion magazines are great places to seek inspiration and get a first-hand look at the latest trends. But here at C+C, we’re more interested in seeing clothes and accessories worn the real way by real people!

Every week or so, we select a particular reader whose sense of fashion sets him/her apart from the rest. “Muse” is meant to be a platform of great style and individuality, and will hopefully inspire other readers to continue looking their best and experimenting fearlessly with their own wardrobes!

Name: Julissa Escobosa
Age: 26
Location: New York, NY
Occupation: Photo Editor for BET.com

Coco+Creme: How would you describe your personal style in 5 words?

Julissa Escobosa: Carefree, colorful, glamourous, versatile, crazy.

C+C: Who would you list as your top fashion/style icons and why?

JE: I wouldn’t say I have a style icon because when it comes to my style i am my own icon. however there are a few peoples style that i do respect and admire:

My Sister Jenny- She has never cared what others think. I always admired the way she put pieces together without being concerned if she was going to be stared at. Her confidence in herself has always been my inspiration and I just incorporated that into my style because I am not concerned about others’ opinions.

Andre 3000- I love him because he is free to wear whatever it is he chooses! That’s what style is wearing what you want because that’s who you are not because it’s in style or fashionable in society’s eyes.

Amber Rose- I love the fact that she is bald! She doesn’t need hair to look good, how freeing!

Kelis- Hands down, she’s one of the flyest and the most fearless.

Rihanna- I love that she is edgy and always chooses conversation pieces that pop.

Teyana Taylor- I love how versatile her style is. Whether she goes for the tomboy look or pretty and polished look, she always looks confident and comfortable in her skin.

C+C: What trends are you coveting right now?

JE: Honesty, none! I don’t pay attention to trends. I wear what I love and that works for me. But I must say I am a little bit of a glasses feine especially ones with large colorful frames. And I love lipstick.

C+C: Name 5 designers you’re feeling right now.

JE: Louis Vuitton-love him! And Betsey Johnson, myself (smiles), vintage and I’m a big fan of shopping your own closet, finding pieces you’re dying to get rid of and just finding a new way to work them.

To see more of Julissa’s personal style, visit her blog, Anchors and Mannequins.

-Jessica C. Andrews

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