Jokes are jokes, but eating disorders are no laughing matter. Rihanna who is adored and envied for her toned and curvy frame took to Twitter to make a joke about her preparation for her shoot for Esquire Magazine.

While Rihanna is known for pushing the envelope with her tweets, this time she went too far and outraged many followers who responded saying they were offended. Via Vibe Vixen:

One fan tweeted:“@rihanna starve?? why?? thats a bad message to your fans ri-ri im dissapointed,” tweeted one follower.

Another tweeted: “@rihanna what a great role model telling your 6 1/2 million followers that the way to get ready for a magazine cover is to ‘starve’ urself”

Rihanna hasn’t responded.

Some might argue that people can’t take a joke and are too sensitive in regard to starvation and body image. But the reality is there are impressionable young women that look up to Rihanna and could go to dangerous lengths including anorexia to be thin.

Do you think Rihanna should be more responsible when tweeting? Or should her audience lighten up since she was just making a joke?


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  • fuchsia

    LOL I thought everyone starved themselves before a photo shoot. The camera does adds 10 lbs….. but I’m glad her fans let her know that the joke as in poor taste. I got the joke but I know not everyone would find that humorous.

  • Shealyn

    People should teach their children to look up to other individuals (like maybe a saint or Jesus), not celebrities! (Katt Williams voice) It’s so sad! Teach your children to be themselves and not to idolize musicians and actors, they are only human and make mistakes like the rest of us! Oh and there is that first ammendment thing and I would never apologize for things I’ve said whether I’m a celebrity or not, joking or not. You are who you are! Let her live!

  • I feel like people should teach their children that a celebrity is NOT your role model. It’s her twitter, she can write whatever she wants. And her music isn’t really for kids anyways, so if people are worried about their daughters starving themselves because Rihanna said so, they should also be worried about their kids having lots & lots of sex. C’mon people celebrities shouldn’t be idolized & everyone should’ve learned that by now.

  • fahrealtho

    Okay seriously it seems like people just want to get mad about stuff. Even if she did starve for her shoot, it’s not going to be the first or last time a woman starved herself a bit for a big event. Can we just stop getting all mad about everything? That’s why the world is as f-ed up as it is right now. People want to complain about stupid ish like this and not actually do anything about the violence in our communities, or our f-ed up government and economy.