From Frugivore — Tennis superstar, Serena Williams, has been lighting up the blogosphere the last 24 hours with her stunning shape and revealing outfits. At the 2011 ESPY’s, the 5-time Wimbledon winner wore a pink dress that accentuated her curves and subsequently sent every woman back to the gym to perform a few extra squats.

Yesterday, she was out-in-about in another outfit that showed off muscular and powerful legs. Her hot pants were short enough to send her fans into a frenzy much like how her chic tennis outfits do.

Serena exists in a pop-culture paradox. She is either too muscular to be feminine or too fat for tennis. On the other hand, Williams has the ideal curves for many women of color and keeps men at attention with her skin tight dresses and 4-inch heels.

It’s not a stretch to say, she knows what she’s doing.

Her toned body is often met with juvenile jubilation from male onlookers, who seem to undress her with their eyes. Her body is the centerpiece for men even though Williams feels “my smile remains my favorite part of my body…I think a smile can make your whole body.”

Conversely, ladies try figure out how Serena maintains such a flat stomach and toned arms without losing her firm buttocks and large breasts.

Genetics and a consistent workout plan is the secret to Serena’s shape.

People forget that Serena is not just a workout warrior but a world-class athlete, who receives payment for staying in tip-top shape.


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  • Kit

    “She is either too muscular to be feminine or too fat for tennis.”

    Too fat for tennis! Most of it is muscle. Have you seen the jiggly paunches some of those other female players are carrying and they are often built with no discernible shape at all: straight up and down; Serena doesn’t have that!

    If most curvaceous black women decided to be serious tennis players and really worked out like Serena does, the tennis circuit would be fll of Serena body types. Most of us have more of a propensity to build muscle like her than your average Sharapova lookalike. Serena is an athlete and mashes it up on the tennis court 9 times out of 10. If she didn’t look like this, who knows, she might not be one of the best female tennis players in the game right now.

    Trying to say this in a non-offensive way: If you look at the non-tennis playing Williams sisters they are a picture of what Serena might have looked like if she hadn’t picked up a tennis racket. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather look masculine and healthy like Serena, than one of the non-tennis playing sisters.

    And regarding the attire, what is she supposed to do… wear a burka? With a backside like that it must be hard work to down-play your assets, even in loose fitting clothes.

    Anyway, the dresses she wears are irrelevant to me. I just want her to win more slams and shame all the people who say she’s too big for tennis.
    KMT! Too big, my ass (… and her ass)!

  • Tami

    Serena has a bad ass body…If I had a body like Serena’s I would be showing it off all day long & let the people hate while I walk around looking too cute…She makes me want to start hitting the gym again, except I’m too damn lazy…Serena, you go, girl…