From VIBE Vixen — I know what it’s like to engage in an illicit online relationship. When the news broke that former Rep. Anthony Weiner had been engaging in sexual exchanges over the Web, my own internal censor went off. I began struggling with the implications of my own desires, because I had been getting into it deep with an attached guy online for months. While the Weiner spectacle has come to an end, I’m still embroiled in the problem. For I am the woman on the other side. I’m the one with your guy – digitally.

I get the secret IMs, the (coded) Facebook messages. I fill his head with impossible fantasies. You are looking for me when you go through your boyfriend’s cell phone — although my partner and I are way too smart to leave a paper trail of nasty texts, or tweet constant pulses of flirtation. What my sex buddy and I do takes places via instant messaging, so isn’t exactly sexting, but the intimate aspect is there. We might not talk for weeks, as our “love” is confined to live chat sessions. Yet when we are both online at the same time, something deep, raw and undeniable drives us to connect if we see each other’s screen names. We are available. We are ready. We mingle through AIM, and aim to please.


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