When the heat is on, it isn’t always easy to keep your cool. With Summer comes beach bodies, outdoor dining, rooftop parties and so many wonderful things, but it also comes with a grand list of beauty and fashion mistakes that people make trying to do too much. When those “don’ts” are featured in your favorite glossies, you most certainly do not want that faceless woman to be you. Here are five beauty and fashion mistakes to avoid.

1. Running Foundation

With the heat naturally comes sweat and none of us wants to be the women with her face rubbing off on her handkerchief. Try a light foundation like Josie Maran and look picture perfect from day to night.

2. Panty lines

In the summer, it is all about keeping it light from head to toe. There is nothing that ruins a beautiful warm weather look than a heavy, exposed panty line. Intimates are for our eyes only so invest in some seamless styles to keep them as such.

3. Exposed bra straps

We all remember the Carrie Bradshaw days when she traipsed around the city with her bra exposed. Despite our lofty thinking, we do not have Patricia Field as a stylist. Head over to Victoria’s Secret and pick up a multi-way bra to avoid this faux pas.

4. Nails and toes

As soon as warm weather hits, your toes are the first things exposed. This is not the time to cut back on manicures and pedicures as your hands and feet are on full display.

5. Undone hair

With all the beach and pool trips, your mane is surely going to suffer. From natural to weaved, we will all suffer the same frizzy fate. A polished chignon is always the best way to go, but if you grow tired of that style, WEN’s works on any type of hair. It will keep your hair moisturized and fresh all day long.

6. Sweat stains

We all sweat. It is just human nature and it is more of a frequent occurrence in the heat. Go for light and airy fabrics to keep your body cool and light colors are always the best way to go when trying to survive warm weather.

What beauty and fashion tricks do you use to help you conquer the summer heat?

-Faith Cummings

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