If the eyes are the window to a person’s soul, the last thing you need adorning them is an ill-matched eyeshadow color that makes you look like a hotmess.com. Not every eyeshadow shade or palette was created with the vast array of brown skin tones that exist in mind. But that doesn’t have to be a barrier between you and fierce eye makeup.

Here are a few of our top eyeshadow picks that look good on every skin tone:



There’s something so effortlessly gorgeous about seeing a bronzy, amber hue on brown skin. Maybe it’s the effortless sparkle that it has against a smooth sable hue or the sun-kissed luster it exudes against cinnamon-brown complexions. Regardless of what that “something” is, golden shades are women of color’s beauty bestie.



Not as brightly pigmented as silver or monotone and flat as gray, pewter is a medium-dark gray color with a hint of a metallic shimmer. It’s a color that can blend into light, medium and dark skin tones without looking ashy or too overpowering. Pewter works as an all-over lid color to create a sultry smoky eye or it could be used in the crease to add definition to a look.



Purple eyeshadow is a mainstay in the beauty world because it allows you to create stunning looks. Whether you’re flaunting frosty pastels or making moves with matte plum hues, it just works! For light and medium skin tones, subdued plum shades and pastels work best. Darker-skinned beauties should use deep, rich plum and purple shades. Light shimmers also look amazing on dark skin so don’t shy away from sparkly pastel colors.



I remember one of my first lessons in makeup being not to wear blue eyeshadow because it would wash out my caramel-complexioned skin and if there was any fallout, it would look like I had a black eye. I’m glad I dared to be different by experimenting with this intricate shade. There was some truth to the makeup advice that I received; pastel shades of blue don’t look their best on medium/dark skin because it can look chalky and create an ashy affect. Richer, jewel-toned shades of blue are enviable on brown skin.



You may not flaunt a dark eye every day, but this is a makeup bag essential that you can’t go wrong with. Whether you want to go all out with a dramatic eye for a night of fun, or you’re looking to add a hint of intensity to a warm, golden beach party look, black eyeshadow always does the trick.


What eyeshadow colors do you love?

-Margaret Francois

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