A few month ago, Kreayshawn burst onto the scene with her solo hit “Gucci, Gucci.” While reactions to her were all over the map, one thing became clear- there was something about this girl that had caught hip-hop’s attention.

One of those things was Kreayshawn and her crew, White Girl Mobs, use of the N-word. In an interview with Complex, the rapper addressed the criticism of her friend and fellow WGM member, V-Nasty saying the word saying:

“I never said that in my music…It might have been my sister, V-Nasty. She says it all the time, and that’s because she grew up all different. She goes in and out of jail for armed robbery all the time. Her mom calls her that. But personally, I don’t say it in my music, because it’s not my place.”

While she “never” says it in her music, Kreayshawn blatantly does say it in real life. When her hit came out, I immediately took issue with her dropping the slur on Twitter in response to fans.

But if Kreayshawn’s internal radar or PR people are telling her to back down on the N-word issue, no one has given the memo to V-Nasty who took to YouTube (video below) to address the criticism about her use of the slur.

Recently, West Coast rapper Mistah F.A.B gave his defense of V-Nasty saying that the criticism of her using the N-word is just hate. As he figures it, she has a right to say the word because of her “hard-knocks” background. Speaking to HipHopDX, F.A.B said:

“Believe it or not, V-Nasty is mobbing harder than you niggas that’s mad at her saying the word ‘nigga.’ V-Nasty is really mobbing. That’s like little sis. She just got out of jail for a robbery, dog. That’s public information, dog. She’s not playing, dog. That’s really what she do….Nobody gives a fuck about that shit no more. We grew up in the same communities, same neighborhoods. It’s not the same as how people once looked at it. You want to stand up for a cause like that? You’ll let somebody from your own race disrespect you all day, then soon as someone from outside your race…you want to turn into Malcolm X or Martin Luther King.”

To be honest, I think Mistah, Kreayshawn and her sister are all full of it. Then again when it comes to the N-word my feelings have always been that no one has right to a derogatory term.

What do you think Clutchettes and gents? Share your thoughts with us here.

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