Back in the early 1990’s, you could not tell me that working at either McDonald’s or the local grocery store (where all the fine high school boys were employed) wouldn’t be the coolest thing ever to do as a teenager. My interest in ringing up McOrders came from this iconic commercial:

Calvin’s life turned all the way around when he got that job! He got that ambition baby, look at his eyes. This week he’s mopping floors, next week…he owns McDonalds? That’s what the streets thought.

OMG, this sh*t was so feasible. I hate your cousins, you know they love to tell a story and start exaggerating the details to make it sound more interesting! Girls would have been all on Calvin trying to get prom dates on account of him owning a daggone Mickey D’s!  However you feel about “urban” marketing, you have to admit that these commercials were both cute and promoted something wholesome- the after-school job. Damn you, Chappelle’s Show, for destroying Calvin’s great legacy!



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