Ever had that awkward moment when you get a call back from a guy you’ve met and a woman’s on the phone and she’s like “why you calling my man?” Well, T-Mobile will help its users to peep game a bit early as it rolls out “Name ID”, a caller ID service that will show you the name, city and state of a caller like land lines have for years; until now, legal complications have prevent cell phone providers from offering such a serivice.

With today’s launch, T-Mobile became the first of the four major cell phone providers to offer this service. Samsung Exhibit users are the first to have the option, which will expand to other devices over time.

If Marcus’s (sorry Marcuses of the world, but that is one trife sounding name) real girlfriend has Verizon, then the app won’t help you much; Verizon blocks the name of its subscribers on caller ID systems. Nonetheless, this is a cool service but I am not glad that more people will be learning my mother’s name. Even though I pay the bill, I have the same phone number since college and never bothered to switch the account over to my own name. Bah humbug.


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