Terry Richardson recently shot a spread featuring 11 plus size models for the unfortunately titled “Tons of Fun” spread in Vice’s Photography issue. The shoot features these women in seductive poses reportedly styled by themselves.

The spread has a raw, unpolished edge with an excessive use of Flash and a set with a simplistic white background. While some have criticized its rawness in comparison to plus-size spreads like V Magazine and Vogue Italia, others have embraced it for pushing the limits of what’s considered sexy.

What do you think of Vice Magazine’s “Tons of Fun” Spread?

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  • ebony

    this is just a hot mess! he didnt have to retouch but at least some better lighting would have helped!


    To those of you mad about him not retouching his images, this is classic Terry Richardson. I’m guessing you haven’t much of his other work either. Do your research. Like all art, it’s objective..Terry has an aesthetic that you either love or hate, simple as that. I see no wrong doing here.

    • SLOWMO

      **Haven’t seen

  • LeeCee

    these are beautiful women but these pictures are so unflattering! Like not all photography needs retouching but damn i’ve taken better pics on my kodak. The quality is atrocious and the poses are trashy. To be honest it all looks very cheap and tacky.

  • Shelly

    I am a plus size female… and I see nothing flattering or beauty in these pics. I am actually embarrassed to say the least. I mean there could be WAYYYYYYYYY more done to these photos. And it doesnt have to be airbrushed , but even the angles are horrible. Whats the purpose of this shoot ? If it only makes the images or LARGE women look even worst. SMH !!