Tattoos are as much a form of personal expression as our style. From visually stimulating full arm sleeves to our little secret messages hidden from view, they say a lot about us and truly leave their mark, both literally and figuratively.

Some of our favorite stars are “tatted up” from Rihanna to Lebron James and naturally it is easy for celebrities as they are not under the same scrutiny as we normal citizens who work 9-5. In our personal and professional lives, as exciting as tattoos might be, they often carry a stigma.

Here are some examples of what your tattoos might say about you:

1. Neck tattoos

In the personal sphere, neck tattoos can be unbelievably attractive and masculine, but professionally, they almost certainly scream that you either: do not have a job or have one that is totally out of the corporate world. Sean Combs went on to become a mogul with his, but not everyone can be Diddy.

2. Arm tattoos on women

Celebrities including Mary J. Blige and Angelina Jolie both rock their arm tattoos with pride, but the look can be rather tough and not always inviting.

3. Tiny tattoos in not so obvious places

There is nothing like discovering that a friend or a romantic interest has a tattoo that you have never seen before. It immediately sparks curiosity and makes it all the more special, knowing the message and significance are personal.

4. The dreaded “tramp stamp”

Not sure who originally branded the term, but the “tramp stamp” is here to stay. Your lower back has a great amount of space and is quite conducive to a great tattoo, but its location can’t help but draw all the attention to your rear. If you already have one, there’s not much you can do. If you were considering one, maybe move to the left or right. Not sure if that still constitutes as “trampy” or just a personal preference.

5. Arm sleeves

A person who has the courage and strength to brave hours under the needle getting their arms completely tattooed has to be cool. It is almost like witnessing a walking artwork and it is even better when the designs are vibrant and full of color.

What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any? Do they hold a positive or negative connotation for you?

-Faith Cummings

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  • chanela

    why didnt the article mention getting significant other’s names? what does that say about you? i know someone who knows SEVERAL women with a bunch of dude’s names on their body that are all crossed out.lol that ish is sooo tacky!

  • Jess

    Everyone has their own personal reasons for getting tattoos. I have 7 and I plan to get more. When people see my tattoos they are intrigued and usually ask questions about what they mean or what made me get them. Of course, there are others who say, “How could you do that to yourself?” It doesnt bother me at all. I do not live my life by what others may think of me. What is important is that I am content with my own decisions, because I will be the only one that has to live with them.
    BTW my only advice about tattoos is: Your tattoo will he on your skin FOREVER, so don’t be hasty!!

  • Jesseca

    Tattoos are not taboo, if u see one on someone else – mind your business and keep it moving! Tattoos are basically artwork drawn on people sort of like Picasso or Da Vinci. They do not determine a person’s common sense or intelligence. Open your mind and wise up about the world around you.