I know we’ve all been there. After chatting up an incredibly handsome, intelligent, witty, and stylish man our mind starts to wonder to when we’ll close the deal—you know, exchange numbers, agree to go out, and fall madly in love. Ok, maybe not the last part, but you get the picture.

Although the two of you seem to be into one another—he’s smiling, you’re smiling, and the conversation flows nicely—somewhere along the line he says something like, “My girlfriend and I love that movie,” or “My girlfriend says that all the time…” and you’re left wondering what to do next.

It’s happened to me so many times, I can’t even count. Most recently, I was chatting up a brotha from out of town. He didn’t know anyone in the city, so I offered to show him around (What? I was trying to be helpful.). After meeting up and trekking to Hollywood to do the obligatory touristy thing, he mentions that he needs to buy his girlfriend a gift.

*record scratch*

Say what?

The G-bomb blew up my spot (or my idea of what could become of this) and I wasn’t sure where the rest of the day would go. Luckily we were both easy going, had similar interests, could talk just about anything, and by the end of the day (which was 9 hours later) were cracking jokes like two old friends. The fact that he had a girlfriend was definitely a let down at first—I mean, the man was handsome—but it didn’t stop me from (hopefully) making a cool new friend.

What about you Clutchettes? When a man you’re feeling drops the “I have a girlfriend” bomb is the conversation over, or can you become friends?

Let’s talk about it! 

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