Dorcia Kelley is a modern-day Renaissance woman. She worked 12 years as a Fashion & Interior Stylist & Market Editor working for magazines in almost every demographic including ELLE, ELLE Decor, Renaissance Hotels, Essence, Vibe Vixen, Lucky, Real Simple, Lancome Paris and various private clients.

She now sells bags, among many other really cool finds on her site, Kelle Miles which was created “for women who are confident in their own personal style and who are beyond wearing labels. This year, I spent a lot of time traveling throughout Asia and Europe becoming obsessed with finding unique, local items. KelleMiles.com is an online experience that captures the discovery process of these wonderful accessories. Later this year, the site will feature home decor from my travels in India. The scarves were personally designed and manufactured by me! So, I’m very excited!”

And we are just excited to pick her brain with a few questions on travel, developing ones personal style and of course, online shopping. Read on.

Coco & Creme: Describe the KelleMiles.com shopper.

Dorcia Kelley: She’s a travel maven who loves accessories, texture and home decor.

C+C: What makes Kelle Miles different than the myriad of shopping sites?

DK: You have a personal Fashion stylist who travels the world purchasing great accessories available personally for you. I have worked as a market editor for celebrities such as Serena Williams, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Joy Bryant and Kerry Washington selecting great pieces for their closets and now, I’m doing that for the everyday woman.

C+C: What advice to you have for women trying to define their personal style?

DK: Know what fits your body type, always invest in classic pieces and remember accessories are always key because they can make the outfit. Never follow trends.

C+C: What places have you visited?

DK: Hong Kong, Italy, India, Paris, Mexico, London to name a few (laughs).

C+C: Wow, sure your passport is covered in stamps! Did those places influence your style?

DK: Yes! Culture and street fashion are the greatest influencers of my style.

C+C: What item in your closet can’t you part with?

DK: Any Basso & Brooke graphic piece, cashmere wraps for travel, Kelle Miles leopard print scarves, studded clutch for night dinners (available at kellemiles.com) and my Christian Louboutin studded leopard sneakers for the airport (it always get the boys’ heads rolling).

C+C: Name 5 things we find if we took a peek into your handbag.

DK: First, I am carrying my “Debbie” leopard printed nylon tote with tons of needed compartments (which is available now on the site).

1. My beauty travel must haves: Pucci makeup with the following: Caudalie Eau de Raisin grape water to keep the skin moist during lengthy flights, facial wipes, hand sanitizer, SPF, lip balm and under eye concealer (for a bright refreshing look once you step off the plane).
2. Croc document wallet that holds all my important documents securely
3. Printed “Ella” scarf (available on site)
4. Cannon camera to take photos of my travels and snap pixs of great accessories for my clients. I am always shopping for them
5. Hermes magenta ostrich daily planner

Do you love her as much as we do? Be sure to check out her site KelleMiles.com. Below are Dorcia’s favorite pieces on the site:

–Channing Hargrove

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