In a world full of fashion designers, it’s sometimes hard to really capture an audience’s attention and keep it. Jamie Dionne is one of those rare artisans who immediately stand out from the crowd with her line, Shades by Jamie Dionne.

Accessories have long been a staple that takes an otherwise ordinary look to extraordinary proportions. Her bright and explosive style of design is a mixture of worldly influences and her personal, imaginative flair. Read more to learn more about the creator of these phenomenal shades.

Coco and Crème: Tell us a bit about your design and fashion background.

Jamie Dionne: I have been in fashion for a very long time, since I was 15. My first job was in retail selling women’s clothing and I actually paid my way through college working in retail fashion. I also graduated from TCU with a Marketing degree and minored in Fashion.

C+C: Where did the idea of ‘Shades by Jamie Dionne’ originate?

JD: It really is the classic story of how a hobby became a business overnight. I started making them for fun and for my own uses (to wear out, photo shoots, and fashion shows). As I wore them more and more, people would ask me to make them some too. I then decided to take it up a notch and really start to design and sell shades.

C+C: You’ve had your designs featured on several young, style stars. If you had to pick, which celebrity would you most like to see rocking your shades?

JD: Well first off, I really have to thank the face of my brand and a huge inspiration to me which is La’Shontae Heckard from BET’s hit sitcom “The Game”. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but has an even more beautiful spirit inside and she really jumpstarted the brand. In the future, I would love to see my line on any positive woman in the industry just like her. I think if I saw my shades on Beyonce’, I would just faint!

C+C: Explain the creative process when designing.

JD: I really try to take my time with it and do a lot of sketching and sample making. I might make a pair and wear them a few times to see how people receive them. I may change the look of them or re-work them somehow. I really pay attention to the trends I see all around me to stay current and a step ahead of the game.

C+C: Where do you draw inspiration from?

JD: I think fashion is all around us. I observe a lot of things….music, magazines, and fashion on TV, and just people walking down the street. I take things that I love to wear and take risks.

C+C: What type of person wears Jamie Dionne shades?

JD: Someone that is fashion forward, stylish, and comfortable in his/her own skin. The person wearing “Shades by Jamie Dionne” is normally very assertive and puts fashion as a top priority.

C+C: How do you keep your designs fresh and innovative when there are so many other brands (Coco and Breezy, Amber Rose’s upcoming line) to contend with?

JD: I respect and admire all of the shades designers out there. I feel there is enough room for all. I really don’t focus on anyone else’s brand and I think that is the first step to being different. I am just not afraid to take risks and try to keep my line affordable.

C+C: We have to know your thoughts on shades inside a building: crazy cool or crazy arrogant?

JD: I think shades should be worn outside to protect from the sun and shades worn any other time should be interpreted as a fashion statement. So I would have to say COOL!

Follow Shades by Jamie Dionne at @JamieDionne or visit the website, jamiedionne.com and order your favorite designs today.

Which design is your favorite? Could you see yourself rocking a pair of these wild shades?

-Krystal Franklin

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