Accessories and fashion jewelry linem Urban Sweetheart’s mission is to “inspire women to be the unique individuals they were created to be. When she walks into the room everyone should be able to feel her presence and sense her boldness. She is bold… chic… now.”

Before the designer, 24 year-old Sirdonea “Sodie” Davis of Washington DC set out to inspire the masses with her line, Urban Sweetheart, she was designing project boards for her sorority at University of Mississippi. She honed her skills designing and soon was trying her hand at creating accessories. She created a necklace and when she blogged about it, she realized that there was a huge market and interest for her pieces.

Thus, in March of 2010, Urban Sweetheart was created for “trendy fashionistas who like to shop at boutiques for exclusives pieces. Girls who are often the go-to for their friends in a style crisis.” A line that reflects Sodie’s love for pearls, gold and “funky standout, statement pieces.”

Sodie is a firm believer that your style should make a definite statement about who you are as person and stands by the style advice, “Be yourself. Be an individual.”

Urban Sweetheart consists of jewelry and accessories that are all custom-made and created by hand. The line will soon include clothing, home decor and even more accessories. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces below.

Shop for yourself here.

What do you think of Urban Sweetheart?

–Channing Hargrove

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