A Wisconsin woman is suing her lover for $350,000 because she claims he gave her genital herpes.  The 33-year-old unnamed woman alleges that after the couple spent the day together, they had sex, and the man knowingly infected her with the disease.

The woman wants to be awarded money from the man’s homeowner and auto insurance policies and is suing him for “personal injury, intentional infection, emotional distress and assault and battery.”

Although not the first of its kind, the woman’s case will be difficult to prove. A person can be infected with herpes for years without showing symptoms of the disease. Moreover, the man denies giving her herpes and blames it on the woman’s other sexual partners. However, the woman claims that the man and…wait for it…her husband of eight years were her only sexual partners.

In the lawsuit, the woman—who is still married—claims the man told her husband about the affair and his herpes infection.

The lawsuit states:

During a February 2011 telephone conversation, the man told the woman’s husband that he does not take medications to treat his herpes, according to the lawsuit. Medications could potentially have lowered the risk of transmitting the disease.

To prove emotional distress, the woman claims she has suffered from panic attacks while driving with her husband and children since finding out she has herpes. She also claims her husband no longer wants to have sex with her.

Hmmm maybe it’s just karma?

What do you think? Would you sue someone who gave you an STD? 

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